Thursday 21st August 2014,
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Resource Magazine
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High-Quality Prints From 4K Video On Canon PROGRAF Printers

In terms of commercial photography there’s a variety of digital workflow tools you can use: Industrial Color’s globaledit for asset review and markup, Adobe’s Creative Cloud for immediate access to your projects—and of course—the stone-age method of mailing hard drives back and forth. Sure, you most likely work pretty quickly and it’s no question that [...]

August 20, 2014 Billy Murray EVENTS 0
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10 Ways For Savvy Students To Shoot On A Tight Budget

Putting together a photo or video shoot on a student budget can be tricky. You’re trying to produce something that looks professional and polished but when you’re on a tight budget it can seem impossible. Student photographers and filmmakers often need to dig deep in to the sofa cushions or dip in to the well [...]

August 20, 2014 Adam Sherwin EDU Blog 0
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From Film to Phone Photography: Interview with Nicola Buck

Classically trained in fine art photography on analog film, professional photographer Nicola Buck has a sharp eye and captivating subjects – her two daughters. Growing up in England and now based in LA, she has slowly transitioned from film photography to digital and now mobile, while still practicing and utilizing all three. Read along as [...]

August 20, 2014 Severin Matusek IMAGE MAKERS 0
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15 Mind Blowing Videos On Vimeo

While YouTube can, at times, feel saturated with the web’s most inane, mundane and all around dumbass videos, Vimeo has stepped forward as the online leader of quality video content with amazing videos from truly talented creators. Now, that doesn’t mean every video on Vimeo is good but, more often than not,  you come across [...]

August 20, 2014 Anthony Falco RETV 0
Coronal Aurora, Tromso, Norway

Aurora Borealis Time-Lapse Is Magically Hypnotic

While chasing one of Earth’s most fascinating natural phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights), Photographer Felipe Pitta ended up in a small village located in Ersfjordbotn, Norway. Known by many as “The Fjord of Light”, it became the perfect spot to set up his camera. In the process of making his first ever Aurora Borealis [...]

August 19, 2014 Mark Go IMAGE MAKERS 0

The Cutest Kids On Instagram

For many bloggers, Instagram is a great platform to showcase their work and build more of an audience. One of the biggest trends today are mommy bloggers who, of course, display  beautiful pictures of their children. Resource Magazine compiled some of the most popular and cutest babies on Instagram. WARNING: Prepare for a cuteness overload.   [...]

August 19, 2014 Alyson Velati IMAGE MAKERS 0
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Photographer Rob Woodcox Is A Wild One. Are you?

This year’s Wild Ones tour - sponsored by our friends at Vanguard, Kingston Technology, Wacom, HGST, Milk & Cream, Flickr and Roadtrippers- is filled with inspirational photographers that have left full-time gigs to pursue photography and teaching. The tour began last summer as an approach to teach and motivate photographers of all levels. Resource Magazine spoke with [...]

August 19, 2014 Alyson Velati IMAGE MAKERS 0

Happy World Photo Day 2014 – 175 Years In The Making

The World Photo Day organization was created in 2009 to celebrate the yearly birthday of this wonderful medium. And since 2010, the company has hosted a yearly gallery to commemorate this special day: this year, between August 19 – 26, you can submit any photo to be a part of WPD gallery. © Korske Ara There’s [...]

August 19, 2014 Anthony Falco NEWS 0
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20 OMG Advertising Photoshop Fails

Now, this article in no way diminishes or demeans Photoshopping as a skill: in fact, it can be quite difficult to learn this without formal training. With that said, these Photoshop fails were all from major companies who allegedly hire the ‘best of the best.’ Perhaps, a few of these jobs were rushed or forced [...]

August 18, 2014 Anthony Falco NEWS 0

Morpholio Board App – The Future of Web Based Design Boards Has Arrived

Since the dawn of the Internet, online design boards have been key for artists attempting to gain feedback on specific ideas. Now, Morpholio, a company that creates innovative apps for artists, is unveiling their latest product: the Morpholio Board App. Ciara Seymour, the co-creator of The Morpholio Project, stated that the app is “broadening their [...]

August 18, 2014 Anthony Falco TECH 0

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