Wednesday 22nd October 2014,
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Tattoos and Rescues: Teaching Old Dogs, And Stereotypes, New Tricks

Photographer Brian Batista isn’t one for stereotyping, but apparently, for men with tattoos it can be a major issue. This is why Batista has  decided to use his project Tattoos and Rescues  to challenge the stereotype of men with tattoos, along with stereotypes against his other passion: pit bulls.  “I walked away from a 17-year [...]

October 22, 2014 Mark Go ARTS, IMAGE MAKERS 0

The Voyeuristic Fine Art Of Photographer Gail Albert Halaban

Similar to the voyeuristic nature of Alfred Hitchcock’s epic film, Rear Window, in which a photographer recuperating from a broken leg takes a keen interest in his neighbors lives in the apartment building facing his rear window, the voyeuristic fine art of photographer Gail Albert Halaban seems a bit creepy at first. Look deeper in to [...]

October 21, 2014 Mark Go ARTS 0
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7 Tips For Mouthwatering Drink Photography

How hard can it be to shoot really great drink photography you ask? You pour it into a glass and shoot as you pour. What more is there? Obviously, I’m being rhetorical. The fact that you’re required to use some sort of glass actually means you’re required to be creative to get an interesting shot. [...]

October 21, 2014 Tom Kray TUTORIALS 1

Ask Wiki- What is Food Photography?

There is a running joke that says, “People before would say a prayer before each meal, today people take pictures of their food before eating.” Social media, especially Instagram, have taken food photography to soaring heights of popularity. It is not enough that we post images of our meals online, we also deem important to [...]

October 21, 2014 Mark Go ARTS, TUTORIALS 0

35 Amazing Food Blogs To Inspire Your Food Photography

Who doesn’t love great food? The only thing better than eating delicious food is having someone else do the trial and error and stink up their kitchen so you don’t have to. The web is full of great amateur cooks and chefs alike, making the rest of us look incompetent. But they are here to help. [...]

October 21, 2014 Jessi Frelow ARTS, IMAGE MAKERS 0

Listen Up All You Basic Bitches – Are You A BASIC Photographer?

It’s Monday Fun Day and we wanted to take a second to recognize that there are many types of photographers out there, and just like there are Basic White Girls, there are definitely some Basic Photographers. Each one a shining example of how to make photography about everything it’s not and introducing us to a [...]

October 20, 2014 Lara Hajjar NEWS 0
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National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day – Lets Get Started


October 20, 2014 Ashley Naum NEWS 0

Nikon D810: Perfect Camera For Wildlife And Sports Shooters?

Talk about bad press. Soon after the 36-megapixel, full frame Nikon D810 came out this summer there were reports of problems with the sensor, namely “hot spots” that occurred in long exposures of 30 seconds or more. While I have been shooting for many a year I have yet to make a thirty-second exposure, but [...]

October 20, 2014 George Schaub TECH 0

Shooting Better Video: 6 Tips To Get You Started

I’ve never filmed anything before. Unless, of course, you count the times my dad let me hold his camcorder as a child, my two Instagram videos or my Snapchat videos of me singing along with the radio in the car. That all being said, I’m interested in film and video, not to mention jealous of [...]

October 20, 2014 Lara Hajjar TUTORIALS 0
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CHRONICLE: Underage – Alex Stoddard

While photography may be as ubiquitous—and subsequently, as competitive—as ever, take comfort in our most recent muse, Alex Stoddard. “I’ve always felt a need to create,” Alex says, “and what I wanted to know, I would force myself to learn.” It’s this will and determination that has led to the dozen-plus publications that credit his [...]

October 18, 2014 Eduarda Loureiro IMAGE MAKERS 0

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